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The Dryer's & Tiki (2010?)
The Dryer’s & Tiki (2010?)

We live “off-grid” in beautiful Middle Tennessee where we raise registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, registered Beagles and Rhode Island Red chickens. We also spend a lot of time doing organic gardening.

Jericho & Lebanon

Realizing that being a part of the seed-time and harvest process is Father’s will, whether it be that of plant or animal, we are learning to be contributors and not just consumers. It is laborious work but…

Poker's Epiphany   Funky Chicken

“Hate not laborious work, neither husbandry, which the Most High hath ordained.” – Ecclesiasticus 7:15

Middle East prophecy, timekeeping studies, ancient cultures and textual criticism are some of the more persistent topics you will find surfacing here. Most people who frequent are not particularly fond of organized religion which serves to deceive and neither are they afraid to challenge widely accepted practices within them.

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Warnings from antiquity. Heed the call!