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When I am sharing from the scriptures during future meetings, I will post the video and\or links to it here…if it is me.

I am persuaded that religious institutions are murderous and seek to reach those in need of the light of a “Great Physician”. will be an entirely different endeavor when compared to our previous group efforts here.

I will be doing a World At War Series, with details regarding the ever-pressing conflict in the Middle East. For the majority of the time that was active, it was actively supported by the participants. Firstly, those of you that contributed with your own understanding…thanks. Secondly, I have learned well, how to discern a bribe and do in fact loathe the tactic.

If The Father above has found your heart a willing vessel, one worthy of accommodating clean utterances pertaining to the events you see unfolding in the Middle East, we warmly welcome continued fellowship and also your assistance moving forward.

If I discern ulterior motive, and I will, know that I will push the foul wind back using that sharp sword, making certain it is rightly contained in the vessel giving it platform.

I say this in love and absolute confidence,
Scot Dryer


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