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Meet people who are pursuing Father's ways and proper timekeeping with a sharp eye on the Middle East. We talk about the pathway of light!
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Truth first with fellowship second because discussing light vs. darkness is by nature, divisive.
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Profound Prophecy
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Welcome to PPN! We talk about the scriptures, torah, the future, timekeeping studies, religious deception, the paranormal and many other topics...with a keen eye on the Middle East and relevant current events!

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James R. HolbenGeorge Hawkesyeshuamessiah (David)Bradley WillisShauna CochranDuncanJennifer Walters"Weirdbeardette" Suzanne Cindy EdgmonCarrieJohn Cordaroradmansarah thompsonDan ParrTiffany A. MullenPatrick FarrellDirkPotoroaca MadalinLori BiggsAnnie WangSean KingDavid Kingalexandra howarthCathy GreeneApril Turnerweldon jacksongmanderrick sizemoreMickey WhiteKaren WyattDaniel CumminsTom HarveyGabriel OntiverosTy WigalRich BroughtonJames Schultzdean funkPC ReidSam FisherKelly CookChristina RowndRickie D :George PresleyGary CurtisYochana AvigayilSteve PaigeJan FeltyShirleyLorilyn RobertsYah ShalomDavid RobinsonFrank wilmMichael & ChariLuis Javier BuilSydney BassJeffIrisJoshua foleymargaret washingtonprince's brideRob SmithJames TomMarcos E Perez IIIStephenMasonPaul TSonya AppelGoodyearDiane AugustineMichaela RelinJames Atkinson